Sean C. Johnson - Circa 1993


Sean C. Johnson

Circa 1993
10 March 2015
We do not own the song 'Mountains'. It remains the property of the artist who wrote it.

I know sometimes the mountain’s hard to climb
We walk by faith and oftentimes we’re blind
“It’s working for my good,” is what they say
But I can’t see with all that’s in my way
Why bother ?
But what would a diamond be ?
Without pressure ?
Will the flower’s seed bloom ?
Without a little rain ?
Oh yeah, I hear You
And I can move if I want to but I don’t

Cause I give mountains to you
Yes I give mountains to you
I give mountains to you
So you can go higher
So you can go higher

I’m coming up on the rough side of the mountain
I’m coming up on the rough side of the mountain

They tell me that my thoughts are not your thoughts
Ways are not your ways
Still I find it hard to say to trust You
And even though I know it’s not my place to the God who that made the heavens
earth and space
I need You
Help me make sense of all this pain
I’m encouraged by the testimony of those that overcame
But my heart aches

For the single mamas trying to maintain
She probably not able, she got that Cain in her veins
It’s like we build mountains with our own hands
And then we get mad at You because we don’t understand
That it was us who strayed away
But You still had a plan
To bring us back within your fold and keep us in your hand
I know these mountains You give us is only meant to take us higher
But we love the valley so we pursue our own desires
It’s a crying shame
What we do to numb the pain
When there’s power in Your name
To heal the sick and heal the lame
It’s like we fight against you like you ain’t out here fighting for us
And all these trials and tribulations given to help grow us
It’s hard, I know it is
Specially when you scared of heights
And every time you turn around
It’s like you got another fight
So I pray these words I speak, the food to curb your appetite
And when the morning comes, I hope You’re there so we can share the light
Until then I be sipping from the fountain
Find me on the rough side of the mountain
I’m gone

© 10 March 2015 Sean C. Johnson
Last modified : 10 March 2015